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Key Features
  • Collabaration

    The software is more cooperative and responds quickly and added many more benefits as per customer requirement.

  • Mobilty

    Krisol ERP software is not left behind this technology, it is mobilised and socialised. The client has competitive advantage in the hands of their workforce on any device, at anytime from anywhere.

  • Simplicity

    Krisol ERP software contains extraordinary functionalities and technology, which eliminates complication whereas the user finds easier to use

  • Responsive

    As need and the business requirement changes the customer expects the software to respond instantly not only speed but to cope up with larger volumes transactions and data storage

  • Choice

    Krisol ERP software provides opportunity to their clients to select the deployment choice whether to run on premise, or to host or to deploy in the cloud.

ABOVE ALL, Our Krisol Products IN Global Business Solution

Krisol Products

Complete services business software for project-based businesses.

Krisol Infosoft ERP Integrates With IOT(INTERNET OF THINGS) IN Global Business Solution

Manufacturers are facing sophisticated demands from consumers and traders. The purchasers insists on up-to-date technologies, better-quality designs, upgraded materials, best quality and enriched user experience in manufactured goods. In order to meet the demands of the customers, the manufacturing companies are continuously in the process of modernisation, re-engineering, Process optimization, Customization and cost realization.

Krisol IoT is designed
★To help manufacturers and consumer’s better understanding security issues reduced total cost for new enhanced, re-designed products.
★ Ensure the quality and reduce time to market the products.

Shape on what you have
★ The products that you develop have a growing level of intelligence.
★ Enables remote monitoring and managing your critical machineries.
★ Analyse the trends of the market.
★ Reduce time and cost of production
★ Pro actively fix the issues which they are actually occurring.
★ Key business areas are optimised.
Software Technology Support

Krisol Key Words

Krisol Agriculture ERP
Krisol Textile ERP
Krisol Paper ERP
Krisol Sugar ERP
Krisol Automobile ERP
Krisol Chemical ERP
Krisol Concrete ERP
Krisol Construction ERP
Krisol Educational ERP
Krisol Electronic ERP
Krisol Energy ERP
Krisol Engineering ERP
Krisol Food Process ERP
Krisol Glass ERP
Krisol Industry Commercial ERP
Krisol Metalic ERP
Krisol Oil ERP
Krisol Petroleum ERP
Krisol Pipe ERP
Krisol Plastic ERP
Krisol Pharma ERP
Krisol Printing ERP
Krisol Rubber ERP
Krisol Furniture ERP
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Krisol is a Single Integrated ERP
★ Project Management
★ Inventory Management
★ Finance Management
★ Sales Management
★ HR Management
★ Delivery Management
★ Operations Management
★ Workflow Management
★ User Based Pricing
★ Faster Implementation
★ Dedicated Support Team
★ Customizable


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1 Comment

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