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A pre-configured ERP solution with integrated Cane Management System The sugar industry is highly regulated and added to it are many uncertainties like rainfall, change in government policies, import/export regulations, changes in global demand and others. Therefore, managing the sugar production process poses a great challenge. However, if the efficiency can be improved and the sugar plant is managed well for forward integration, the benefits are huge. We believe a strong enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with integrated cane management system will efficiently address the complex requirements in the sugar production process. A Sophisticated ERP solution improves visibility, increases throughput and lays the foundation for higher efficiency within operations

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Excellently keeping track of inventory and stock.

Helps you in critical situations by maintaining all records in graph and chart formats.

Meets the unique needs of customer and your business.

Correct and easy access to data which improves your decision making ability.

Reduce time and improves organization transparency and profitability.

Gives standard reports as per your need.

Krisol ERP

ERP helps you in Automating your working processes and monitoring different departments in your enterprise and its reporting services helps you in critical decision making by representing facts in graphs, charts etc.

Preferred modules in Krisol sugar ERP:
Loading and unloading the sugar cane from farm to sugar factory

Loading and unloading of sugar cane

1)This is the first process in sugar manufacturing.In this process,The ready sugarcane crop loads in the alloted lorry.

2)The workers make bundles of sugarcane sticks with big thread,so it will be easy to load in lorry.

3)The alloted lorry and its driver's information keeps in register for record.

4)How much fuel lorry consumes,how much distance travelled by the lorry,etc. all these information should maintain.

5)Krisol Sugar ERP automates all these manual processes.Also, it will keep track of journey of the alloted lorry from fram to the respective sugar factory.

Prepare the cane sticks juice extraction

Prepare the cane sticks juice extraction

1)The next step is to make ready the unloaded sugar cane sticks which is unloaded from lorry for juice extraction.

2)The workers cut these sugar cane sticks into pieces so that it will easily get into the heavy iron loader to extract the juice.

Juice Extraction

Juice Extraction

Juice extraction is done by two ways:A)Diffusion B)Milling.


1)It is done by squeezing the juice from the sugar cane with hot water.
2)Here,Hot water is poured over the pieces of sugar cane before the discharge end of the diffuser.Hot water spreads slowly through the cane surface and removes the sucrose from the cane.
3)The dilute juice is collected in a compartment under cane surface and pumped to the point to the feed end of the diffuser and this dilute juice is allow to spread slowly through the cane surface.
4)This juice is again pumped back to the diffuuser.This process repeats for 12 to 15 times.


1) It is done by squeezing the juice from the sugar cane under high pressure between heavy iron rollers.
2)To improve the efficiency,hot water is poured over the cane surface before enters into to the last mill.
3)This sugar cane juice is sent to further processing.
In these processes,the record of sugar cane quantity,no of workers,time taken for juice extraction,shift wise records,etc. should maintain in record.

Krisol Sugar ERP automates all these activities with accuracy.

Juice clarification

Juice clarification

1)Sugar cane juice has pH of 4 to 4.5.It is quite acidic.

2)Calcium hydroxide(Ca(OH)2) is added to it for adjusting pH to 7.

3)This ready juice is heated to a temperature above its boiling point.This supreheated temperature is then allow to flash to its saturated temperature.

4)This process helps to remove impurities from juice.These impurites held up with calcium hydroxide crystals.

5)After that this solution is poured to a clarification tank which allows to suspend solid impurities to settle.

6)This clear juice is taken from the clarification tank and sent for evaporation.

7)Krisol Sugar ERP helps to automate the process records instead of maintaing manual registers.

Juice Evaporation

Juice Evaporation

1)This clear juice is poured in multiple-effect evaporator to make a syrup of about 60 percent sucrose by weight.

2)Multiple-effect evaporator is an apparatus in which water is boiled in the sequence of vessels,each held at a lower pressure than the last.

Crystallisation and centrifuging

Crystallisation and centrifuging

1)This evaporated syrup is concentrated under vaccum in a vaccum boiling pan until and unless it gets supersaturated.

2)finely,ground sugar crystals suspended in alcohol are introduced into the vaccum pan as crystals around which sucrose is deposited and these crystals grow in size until they are ready to be discharged.

3)There are 3 boiling scheme named A,B,C.

4)A type sugar centrifuge seperates the sugar crystals from the syrup.These centrifuges have capacity of 2,000 kg/cycle.The sugar from centrifuges is dried and cooled and stored in bags for shipping.

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