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Working on Apple Watch,Motorola Watch Compatible Projects

Krisol Infosoft ERP has Strong Efficient way on Working on ERP based project with undestanding of clients needful.Krisol Team Is working on the latest technology which is Compatible for Apple Watch as well as Motorola Watch.


Ticket Management System

Krisol Infosoft's customer service system with the backend ticketing, knowledge base and case management functionality at an affordable all-in-one business app that combines project & resource management, CRM, HR, payroll, accounting, reporting, inventory, & more.Open source ERP solutions for the supply chain, SMBs to larger companies, includes Business intelligence, CRM, eCommerce, inventory control, production.


Paper Manufacturing Industry

Even though we are in the digital age, paper is an essential article in our life. Can we imagine a day without paper? Just we think our day, we use paper in our home and at work, or in the school- textbooks and notebooks and toilet paper. Our magazines, newspaper, packed food and drinks, garments, sports articles and mobile packing are although in various forms of paper around us. Paper is recyclable and biodegradable. Paper is one of the essential item in our day to day life. This natural product satisfies various human needs.
We sometimes forget just how much we depend on this evolving and renewable resource. Paper is not only used for writing but also many other uses are being discovered as time progresses. It can be read and worn as garment, Paper derives from the name of the reedy plant “papyrus”. The first century the paper was made from hemp rags in China by a man called Ts’ai Lun. Steadily, the need for paper spread across the world. First to Asia and then to Europe, where the different regions of the world has different cultures and modified the paper making process to suit their needs. In late 15th century, Paper was Manufactured in England.Sir John Spilman (a goldsmith to Elizabeth I) – erected a paper mill at Dartford.


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