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KHRMS Employee Self Service is a responsive system enables users to inquire their own information’s.

GPS based Attendance Tracking : -
Employees are provided with the attendance entry option in the app where they can submit the In time and Out time details regardless of the time and location. This feature helps the management to track the user or employee location for the submission of this data.

Online Leave Management :-
Employees can view their leave details and they apply for the same online which reduces the paper work and saves time. Leave details like Leave balance to apply for future, Applied Leaves history for each leave type can be seen here.

View Payslips :-
Online facility where employees can view their payslips for the selected month and year. Since every user is provided with the access rights, all the information’s are secured.

Reimbursement options :-
Employees are provided with the reimbursement options under various categories. Medical claims - This is for expense done for health based reimbursements. Food Allowance - Employees apply for reimbursement for this allowance for a business related meeting outside or for providing support on a holiday. Travel Allowance - Employees can apply for expenses that was incurred when he or she travelled related to their work.

This reduces the manual efforts and saves time making every process online. Since every user is provided with the access rights, all the information’s are secured. User is allowed to access this service and submit their daily reporting regardless of the time and place. This helps the management to know the user location from where the user submitted this information (GPS Tracking).

Create Claims / Voucher :-
Reimbursement options are provided through which users can create and submit the claims.

Medical claims
Food Allowance
Travel Allowance

Manage your Order Management System Easily with

Krisol OMS Android App

Krisol OMS APP

KRISOL OMS - To Efficiently deal with your sales orders. Most importantly for any organization’s success, factors required are managing the manpower efficiently. Employee once mastered and applied to the maximum will help an organization get to the top in its purposes

OMS Functionalities for Organizational Welfare
Creating Orders :-
Online sales order allows timely order processing and helps in improving the customer satisfaction. Reduce manual mistakes since the order values calculated automatically.

Sales Invoice :-
Sales Invoices can be generated online with the error less and precise billing system. These invoices give the detailed information that a customer require and increases his confidence for the organization.

Payment Processing :-
Reduces the costs and error, by avoiding paperless and manual work for creating financial statements. Online payment is an Easy-to-use method and leads to a great customer experience.

Daily Reporting :-
This system helps in evaluating the work progress levels and assists in planning for future projects. Also it provides the view or track of the task details as whom it is assigned to and what is the time period allocated for the same.

Sales Target :-
Sales Target can be set which gives the information of sales performance, what are expectations. Mainly, this system will assist in bringing new customers, persuade existing customers for over-and-above purchases and follow up for the previous clients.


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