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  • Off Shore Development

    Krisol’s off shore software development Centre brings many advantages to the clients not only cost saving but the time frame.

    Krisol takes into consideration of customers specific needs, uses different tools and technologies along with new methodologies and processes.

    Today’s business world has to face
      The tighter competition
      To develop the projects in shorter time frame
      Maximises the use of space, resources and equipment’s.

    Krisol software is tailored to the client needs

  • Custom Software Developement

    Krisol develops customized software to a particular customer.

    We create an accurate tools working together not only as per needs of your team but that evolves your business.

    All the information is in the cloud, and also on mobile devices.

    To ensure that your software solutions keep pace along with your growing business, the changes are made as per your requirement.

  • Web Hosting Solution-VPS

    Krisol provides extremely trustworthy, high quality and reasonable hosting plans.

    Krisol has tailored products for your web hosting need – from domain name registration, VPS hosting to dedicate hosting.

    Krisol offers different choices to select from when you require professional web hosting. Services ranges from shared hosting packages to dedicated web server.

    The customer can choose as per personal needs- shared hosting is affordable solution to the customer who wants for personal blogs or small sites.

  • API Integration

    Krisol ERP Project Are Integrated with latest Technologies with API Integration.APIs do all this by "exposing" some of a program's internal functions to the outside world in a limited fashion. That makes it possible for applications to share data and take actions on one another's behalf without requiring developers to share all of their software's code.

  • Mobile Developement

    Our Services and Projects are Mobile responsive as well flexible in real-time which will smoothly work on android phones

    Recently the web applications are fast replacing mobile applications. The mobile apps are bought, shared, searched, learned and collaborated. Krisol builds rich, appealing, attractive life changing mobile apps. Krisol mobile apps connected to any data source on all devices which is relevant to ourcustomers.

  • Business Intelligence & Analysis

    Krisol Business Intelligence platform provides valuable services and tools that address various data analytics and management needs.

    SQL Server management studio to manage all analysis services, reporting services Integration services and SQL Server installations

Other Services
  • Share Point Solutions

    Krisol share point solutions ideal for Large, mid-sized and small companies.

    Krisol delivers high quality service confidentially empowered advanced collaboration with lower IT cost along with increased data protection.

    Krisol share point solutions ensure consistence data availability, quick recovery, scalability, worker collaboration and productivity.

    Krisol share point manage and communicate with the staff of the organization along with enhancing your communication.

    Krisol share point saves all your work files to one drive sync files and can be accessed anywhere, anytime even when you are in offline

  • SSL Certificate

    Krisol offers a range of SSL certificates with strongest 2048 bit/256bit encryption and other value add features to ensure the client web site is protected.

    Krisol assists to choose the right certificate based on his website needs.

    Krisol is known for trusted certificate authorities by Microsoft, Mozilla, Blackberry, Java etc.

    Industry leading support and unlimited Server Licences

    Krisol SSL certificate is most cost effective and quickest way for online small medium size businesses, it comes with great value added packages along with low cost.

    Krisol SSL certificate is chosen the client web site would enjoy the highest level of security and also will be provided additional tools which will win customers trust and increase business along with sales

  • Web Application

    Krisol develops web applications as per requirement of the client.Krisol’s team along with the development performs additional functions and testing such as
      Cross browser
      Performance, Load and Stress
      Validation of HTML/ CSS

    krisol develops web applications up-to-date with latest technology along with user friendly interfaces other advantages are :
      Multi-browser compatibility
      User friendly Interfaces
      Solid version control system

  • Payment Gateway

    It is very essential to understand the type of payment options your customers would be comfortable with to pay for your products and services

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Our Top Skills

  • 98%ASP.NET Entityframework 6.1.3

  • 88% Html & CSS

  • 90% Javascript/Jquery

  • 50% Android


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