Customizable Products with effectively Management

KRISOL ERP order management modules handle order entry and status, tracking, credit limit checking, delivery dates and more.
Learn the features of order management software in the ERP order management guide.

Awesome Features

KRISOL ERP order management system takes orders in the front end and processes those orders at the back end.

Customized Order Forms

Our customized order form that allows your customers to find the products which they normally order and allows them to order quickly.

Order information and history

Let your customers check the status of their orders and provide them with additional order information to limit support queries. Additionally, let your customers check out previous orders that they have made with your company.

Stock information

As a wholesaler, you spend a lot of time informing your customers about the stock on hand for various items. Allows them directly to access your website to get real time stock information.

Shipping information

Let your customers check out their shipping details as soon as an order is shipped.


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Our Services

The software is more user-friendly, responds quickly and added additional features as per customer requirement.

Visibility and Control.

The customer experiences, empowers the users to view and manage their interaction with all the way down the order line

Sell and Service across all channels

Order Management, as part of the commerce solution, bridges sales and service to offer the best possible customer experience.

Time Management

Manages orders from a customer perspective, handling tangible and intangible products and service orders, as well as advanced fulfillment models (such as recurring orders).

Robust & Flexible

Gives customers fulfillment options, such as buy online/pick up in store, and buy online/return in store. Complement existing, well defined order handling processes.

Fully Integrated

Order Management is fully integrated into hybris Commerce to offer customers flexible, Channel fulfillment options.

Transform assets

Order Management transforms store assets into customer assets, enabling order fulfillment, omni-channel returns and drop ship to provide new customer experiences, increasing loyalty and revenue.

Our Work

Make projects management the most effective and improve collaboration within your organization.
To build integrated, efficient OMS Software for your unique needs.

Order Management


Order Flow


Inventory Management


Supply Chain Management

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Our Modules In OMS

KRISOL integrated order management system may encompass following modules


Order Management






Inventory Report



Pricing Table

KRISOL INFOSOFT's Pricing overview of Order Management System

  • ₨ 5000 Per Month
    500 ₹ /User on Web + App
  • Single Warehouse Management
  • Single Location Billing
  • Email Facility for Approval
  • Notification Alerts
  • Stock Management
  • 10 Distributors
  • 100 Orders
  • 3 User Logins Free
  • Order Values Upto 5,00,000 ₹
  • Gov Taxes Extra Applicable
  • Support Via Email through Ticket System (MON - FRI)
  • ₨ 7000 per month
    500 ₹ /User on Web + App
  • Two Warehouse Management
  • Two Location Billing
  • Email Facility for Approval
  • Local Notification Alerts
  • Notification Alerts
  • Sales Target for Sales
  • Stock Management
  • 25 Distributors
  • 250 Orders
  • 3 User Logins Free
  • Order Values Upto 15,00,000 ₹
  • Gov Taxes Extra Applicable
  • Payments And Receipts by distributor
  • Support Via Email,Skye,Phone through Ticket System (MON - FRI)

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